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1 week ago

How to find a job on beBee

Laura Sánchez · Hello beBee! · In today's blog we are going to discover how to do an effective job search on beBee. · On beBee you will be able to apply various filters according to your preferences and you will always have the facility to edit your job alerts. · How to find a job on beBee · On ...

2 weeks ago

Platforms for lead generation

Anne Strong · Lead generation through linkedin and bebee · LinkedIn and Bebee are both professional networking platforms that can be used for lead generation. · LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals and businesses to connect with one another. It can be used for lead generation ...

1 month ago

How to get freelance clients on beBee

Laura Sánchez · Hello beBee! · Are you a freelancer? Does your job consist of offering services? · In today's post, we are going to see how easy it is to publish your services on beBee and get new clients. · beBee not only offers you the possibility to offer your services, but also to manage you ...

1 month ago

Questions about beBee

Anne Strong · Is beBee free? · For any professional already familiar with LinkedIn, beBee will look familiar and it will be easy to get started on their platform. Joining is free, and once you've subscribed (it's free), you can create your · personal and professional profile. · Is beBee a leg ...

1 month ago

How to post a job offer on beBee

Laura Sánchez · Hello beBee! · By now, you will have realized all the possibilities that beBee offers to find a job and connect with other professionals. · In today's blog I show you how easy it is to find candidates and post a job offer on beBee. · It only takes two minutes and the process is j ...

5 months ago

My first post on BeBee

Lars Peterson · Hello, BeBee! I am Lars, a bodypainter in Seattle. Enjoy my first post on this platform: Alice as Mad Moxxi!

1 year ago

Wishing all a Happy New Year!

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman ·

1 year ago


John White, MBA · Hi! I'm Rio. I'm new to beBee. It's nice to meet you. If you need help dealing with online bullies or trolls, I'm just the puppy for the job! Grr! Ruff Ruff 🐾 · If you need an amazing marketing and PR team that will get your business in front of thousands of new prospects every m ...

1 year ago

Duplicate content for google

Javier 🐝 CR · I have seen lately that some beBee bloggers publish on different platforms exactly the same content, with different final results, sometimes a better indexing outside beBee, but with less engagement in number of comments. · Duplicate ContentWhat is clear is that, regardless of wh ...

1 year ago

4 razones para usar beBee como estrategia complementaria de social media

Anne Strong · Hoy sigo hablando de estar red tan prometedora y que me gusta tanto que se llama beBee.  Aquí tengo otras razonas más por las que ser miembro de beBee: · 1.- Es complementaria a la red profesional Linkedin. · Me gusta porque es complementaria a Linkedin, y en ningún caso sustitut ...

1 year ago

4 reasons to use beBee as a complementary social media strategy

Anne Strong · Today I continue to talk about this promising network that I like so much called beBee.  Here are some more reasons to be a member of beBee: · 1.- It is complementary to the professional network Linkedin. · I like it because it is complementary to Linkedin, and in no way a substi ...

1 year ago

Using beBee to promote your writer's blog

Anne Strong · Today I'm here to tell you the reasons why using beBee to promote your writing blog is not a crazy idea. · If you have a writer's blog you know perfectly well that creating posts that appeal to your target readers is just the first step. · If you really want your blog to fulfill ...

1 year ago

beBee + LinkedIN = Winning Online Presence

Anne Strong · If you’re a social media savvy entrepreneur or business person, you’re already familiar with the professional benefits of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. (Especially the latter.)  · beBee + LinkedIN = Winning Online PresenceBut did you know there’s another networking tool that c ...

1 year ago

Seven reasons why beBee is better than LinkedIn for professional networking

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris · Is it me, or does this look like a set of bowling pins? Is it intentional? So many questions! Lately, I've been exploring various options, platform-wise, and even went to LI for a bit. This online wandering was partly to get some feedback on some niche data science algorithm and ...

1 year ago

beBee is a free , legitimate, legal and open platform , with some premium services.

Anne Strong · I didn't know beBee before, and it feels like breathing fresh air. · fresh airIt offers the ability to network with like-minded professionals, search for freelancers, manage groups (they used to be called hives), create content as a blogger or writer on various topics of interest ...

1 year ago

beBee stickers - Which of all these bees is your favorite?

Javier 🐝 CR ·   · Crying bee, sick bee, gluttonous bee, blushing bee, excited bee, angry bee, anxious bee, ninja bee, bee in love, excited bee, innocent bee, winking bee, bee with tongue out, exhausted bee, bee with sunglasses, bee with a smile, scared bee and the big bee throwing up rainbows. ...

1 year ago

Post from Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman · To all of you poetry buffs, please join my poetry group · beBee Poetry · Whatever suits your fancy - rhyme, haiku, senryu, micropoetr ... · ">beBee Poetry - beBee! 

1 year ago

Post from Javier 🐝 CR

Javier 🐝 CR · Join the bebee writers group. I will promote everyone who joins my group. · Every writer who has been on beBee since 2016 and has been writing continuously will get the free Premium subscription. · If I have missed anyone, please send me a private message. · https://us.bebee.com/ ...

3 years ago

Consultant Website Concerns

Jerry Fletcher · Pull the trigger! I’ve worked one on one with hundreds of consultants and spoken to thousands more over the years. Their single biggest complaint: · “ I can’t get clients to move as quickly as they should on my recommendations!” · These are the same folks that raise these con ...

3 years ago

Obstacles to Goal Setting

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · (Imagine Credited to AZ Quotes) · Go on BeBee, Facebook, YouTube, or read a self-help book and I bet you’ll find a million different ideas about Goal Setting. Why? Because it works! · But the truth is there are 4 mistakes most people make when setting goals. Get them all right ...

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