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2 weeks ago

I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - it's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing #gratitude. - (Brene Brown)

Don Hornsby · What are you grateful for today? · #Thanksgiving #PersonalGrowth #Positive #Leadership #happiness

1 month ago

Attention Online Store Owners

Claus Lauter · Learn in this video Why Shopify might not be the right platform, What alternatives you have for a one product store and more. · 🚨 Attention Online Store Owners 👇 · Does your Shopify store convert at the maximum? 🛍️I bet I can find 3 conversion blockers costing you ecommerce sales ...

6 months ago

Post from Paul Bishop

Paul Bishop · Design-driven online video maker that enable marketers to create attention-grabbing short videos easily · OFFEO Lifetime Deal · Online Video Maker for Attention-Grabbing short video ads · https://offeo.com/discover/offeo-ltd/

1 year ago

Avoiding Real Estate Scams

Peter Palivos Attorney · With the volume of money that regularly changes hands in the real estate business and the high value of assets being exchanged, it’s more important in this industry than any other to avoid scams. Between fraudulent wiring, predatory lending, and rental scams, there are many pitfa ...

5 years ago

Pay Attention to Your Intuition

Lisa Gallagher · I wrote this piece on Linkedin over a year ago. I decided to share it on beBee.   · At the age of eleven, I was the eldest of five children, and I lost my father to cancer.  This was a very devastating time for all of us, and being naive young kids we didn't understand that my da ...

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