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4 months ago

Top 10 Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps in 2021

Bhavesh Parekh · The emergence of on-command demands is a tendency that has been progressing over the previous decade or more. Apps like Postmates, Instacart, Uber, Amazon, and others have made it feasible to fulfill all of your wants without ever leaving your cozy couch. You can get practically ...

2 years ago

Pool Party

Cecilia Castelli · Mis fines de semana oscilan entre Amazon Prime, pisingallo orgánico, pantuflas de corderito y una patada a la puerta del baño que no cierra bien. Los auriculares puestos para cancelar el ruido de mi estado civil, y un cartel en la cabecera de la cama que dice “se terminó el show ...

4 years ago

Congress Votes Itself Huge Raise And Other Perks

PD Scullin · After yesterday’s Congressional embarrassment of flip-flopping on trying to shut down the ethics committee keeping a watchful eye on itself, lawmakers made a bold, decisive move and passed historic legislation this morning. · The majority voted itself some sweet new perks, includ ...

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