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4 months ago

Current Research on Slowing Cognitive Decline in Aging Adults

Matt Dapore · In developed countries, as the populations grow older, older people are starting to experience all kinds of mental problems. Cognitive decline is a common issue that is indicative of severe degenerative diseases like dementia, specifically Alzheimer's Disease. Medical researchers ...

11 months ago

El aborto y sus lobistas

Cecilia Castelli · Cuando estudié mi carrera en Periodismo y Comunicación, el grupo académico que dirigía las clases nos instaba a que siempre investigáramos por cuenta propia antes de sacar conclusiones precipitadas. Pero nunca nos decían que siguiéramos al dinero para evaluar las verdaderas inten ...

4 years ago

The Healing Brain

Cyndi wilkins · Now is the time for us to recognize the ancient art of folk healing, and the sacred rituals that safeguard them."In the last few decades there has been growing interest in alternative forms of therapy on a global scale. This has stimulated the development of a kind of tourism for ...

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