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2 months ago

Post from Cindy Laguerre

Cindy Laguerre · A fitness vibration machine is an exercise program that uses sound waves to generate a form of vibration that assists in losing unwanted weight. These machines range from indoor activities and entertainment to fun and outdoor activities. · Learn more at fitness vibration machine ...

5 months ago

Post from David Amerland

David Amerland · I use physical activity to amplify the neurotransmitters running through my brain.

5 months ago

How to Make the Most of Your Finances When Traveling After Retirement

David Auer CPA · retirees can be frugal by following these five tips. · Book plane tickets offseason · The demand for plane tickets increases during popular holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Logically, prices increase as people compete for a limited number of flights. Retirees on a bu ...

1 year ago

How Volunteering Will Change Your Life, Part 2

Wesley Oler IV · If you missed part 1 of how volunteering will change your life, click here. In part 2, we will be continuing with some of the benefits associated with volunteering and how it will change your life. · Volunteering is beneficial to your career: · Individuals that work at any organi ...

2 years ago

Consultant Marketing Eye on the Money

Jerry Fletcher · It has been a long week here where the sidewalk ends. · Getting ready to get ready · I agreed to part company with a client that has been on and off multiple times over the last three months. He is brilliant, one the elite kinds of consultants I prefer to work with. But he keep ...

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