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2 years ago

Global Actuary Investor Authority: EarnedPath

Joseph Sprute · Description · The Global Actuary Investor Authority (GAIA) manages complex network mapping issues for diversified User-Groups that participate in virtual community offering investment oversight insuring our planet is safe.A transparent (defense-in-depth) Global Actuary Investor A ...

4 years ago

7 Effective Planning Steps

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven · Effective planning is usually the result of seven specific steps: · Consider the task - This involves what has to be done, who does what, when, where, and how.Consider the resources - What time is available? What equipment and supplies are needed and available? What are the skill ...

5 years ago

Common Myths About Starting Your Own Small-Business

Phil Friedman · SOCIAL MEDIA IS REPLETE WITH SMALL-BUSINESS MYTHS, FOSTERED MOSTLY BY PEOPLE WITHOUT RELEVANT REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE... · Preface:  This post pulls together two earlier posts which, I think, fit more comfortably together as a unit, and which form a chapter in my soon-to-be-publish ...

5 years ago

"Show no pain" - Snapshot from a Former Ballerina's Life

Virag🐝 G. · "Show no pain." · This was the first lesson I learnt as a 9-year-old aspiring ballerina. This sentence predestinates your life. Forever. · You learn that you have to perform no matter what; that if you don’t perform, you fail. You learn that nobody is interested in your physical ...

5 years ago

Five MORE Myths Perpetuated on Social Media About Small Business

Phil Friedman · A SECOND RUN AT MYTH BUSTING IN REGARD TO SMALL-BUSINESS... · Preface: This is a second go-round in debunking myths about small-business that are fomented on social media. Therefore, the numbering of these five myths begins at six. If you missed our first myth-busting adventure, ...

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