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Asrifa Parvin

3 weeks ago

in Sales, Marketing and Public Relations

TEAburn review

Discover How This "Morning Tea Ritual" Changed My Life


Discover How This "Morning Tea Ritual" Changed My Life - An old picture - I'm an ordinary 52-year-old nurse from Chicago- divorced after two...

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in Sales, Marketing and Public Relations and in 3 more groups


Hey Google. Remember Your Motto, "Don't Be Evil," Well, It's Time You Dusted It off.

Another day another antitrust suit against the almighty Google monolith. This time it's the Business Competition Supervisory Commission ( KPPU) which began to probe deep into the issue of the tech giant making its proprietary mandatory for its apps on its platform Play Store. See ...

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Brian Connell

2 months ago

in Sales Training and in 1 more group

Sales Objections And How To Overcome Them

Sales Objections And How To Overcome Them - The Digital Sales Institute

Sales objections do not need to be a barrier to winning more sales. Handling sales objections is a skill which with training can be mastered.

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Murtza Abbas

4 months ago

in Business and Entrepreneurship and in 5 more groups

Benefits of Babysitting and Nanny Finder App Development

In the era of mobile apps, babysitter & nanny finding have become an easy task. Babysitting & nanny finder apps are aiding the era with multiple benefits. Read them all.

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Nanny .
Finder App ;


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Jenny Parent

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Your Carer is Booked

To give you Peace of mind Jenny will
J Julie Jacob a Contact you to provide you final


® — ==

#babysitter #nannyfinderapps #business #startup 

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in Sales, Marketing and Public Relations and in 4 more groups

Critical Marketing Tactics for Every Business

Everyone has great aspirations when they decide to start a new business. They come up with a terrific product or service to sell and immediately start trying to build their customer base. In theory that sounds like a great way to start, but I can tell you that most small business ...

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Zlatko Matić

10 months ago

in Data Science, Data Analytics, and Data Professionals in General and in 6 more groups

Data matching services and software

Do you need to link and merge two product catalogs,  real estate property lists, de-duplicate customer database or identify same companies accross two different data sources?
We offer software (QDeFuZZiner) and services of data matching, merging, cleansing, deduplication, consolidation and other data processing tasks on your business data, such as customer contact, real estate or product lists. 

#fuzzymatch #fuzzy-match #recordlinkage #record-linkage #datadeduplication #data-deduplication #datamanagement #data-management #datamatching #data-matching #datamerge #data-merge #dataconsolidate #data-consolidate #datacleansing #data-cleansing #datascience #data #mdm #bigdata #analytics #dataanalytics #businessintelligence #business 

Fuzzy Data Matching Services

We perform data matching, combining, merging, cleansing, consolidation, deduplication and other data processing tasks on your datasets, based on exact and approximate string similarity.

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