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Major Elements of Financial Forecasting - Business Plan | FinAccountants

Business plan financial projections and financial forecasting need you to take into account historical data and market research. You also have to take into account the latest developments for accurate financial projections. 

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Key Elements of Financial Forecasting - FinAccountants blogs

Financial forecasting is indispensable to the success of any business to chart the right course for optimum financial efficiency and profitability. Bidding adieu to guesswork is your best bet if you wish to have a rational blueprint at your disposal. An old saying goes that the purpose of forward forecasting is not predicting the future

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Potato croquettes

There are occasional moments when I step back and wonder if perhaps, I am not entirely the mature, balanced, adult I tell myself I have grown up to become. · This is one of those moments. · My first paid writing was technical articles written about items of outdoor leisure equipm ...

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Sands Through the Hourglass, Gone but not Forgotten

It was hot … bloody hot! … yet here we were in the middle of the 'high dune' country, in the south of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), on the edge of Saudi Arabia's 'Empty Quarter'. · We were drilling site investigation holes down to 20m or 30m depth and logging the soil recovere ...

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Hey Google. Remember Your Motto, "Don't Be Evil," Well, It's Time You Dusted It off.

Another day another antitrust suit against the almighty Google monolith. This time it's the Business Competition Supervisory Commission ( KPPU) which began to probe deep into the issue of the tech giant making its proprietary mandatory for its apps on its platform Play Store. See ...

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Beyond The Horizon, The Dystopian Wilderness Of The Worlds Oceans.

On those days when I wake early enough, my morning ritual is to head to the beach, and if I time it right, I will arrive to witness yet another spectacular sunrise. It never fails to disappoint as the slow assent of a giant, the orange sun illuminates the sea and its surrounds, b ...

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