Adam Crane

Adam Crane

In Teachers 24/08/2017

How did Music Clefs originate?
Enjoy Scroll's tale here:

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

What do you like the most about beBee?

I'll start. The fact that it allows for easy and effective branding, without the pressure of politically correct platforms. Also, the fact that it encourages quality content and engagement based on it.

Moi Kliniger

'Until then'

Until then, nothing made sense.
The wind was just wind,
Sea water, heart muscle.
Until then, the days were rumbled,
And their eyes were foolish.
Two gulls in the sky were flying,
And it was not heaven, it was steep.
Everyone was hurting the other
And swore it to the dark.
Until then I was level, the wind was a witness,
My thoughts,
Singing the most terrible song.
But now, since then,
The sea became again sea,
The days had no backward thoughts,
The earth again had an axis,
The seagulls were flying in pairs,
As if born to be forever
Boys and girls.
And he, he was beside me,
And I watched with his eyes -
The old picture, but without tears.
There was nothing ugly,
Only beauty.
The heart began to beat,
Not just muscle -

by Margalo

Judy Caroll

Judy Caroll

In Marketing 24/08/2017

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