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About me:

Sara Daisy is a top-rated writer at First Notch Tech. She came from a small town just west of New Orleans. Sara has been working as a blog and article writer for various digital marketing agencies in the USA. Her extensive experience is what makes her stand out among other writers at First Notch Tech. Daisy brainstorms on numerous topics and collaborates with our marketing team to come up with innovative ideas. The blogs and articles she writes are loaded with statistics, facts, real-life examples, etc. First Notch Tech is pleased to have Sara on the team


Sara Daisy belongs to Silver Spring, Maryland. She chooses a career that included some time in Catholic school and the discipline of nuns; she married young and settled down in Texas. When she moved to Texas, Sara started working as a legal secretary. After her daughters were born, she stayed home and was actively involved in art and craft. In 2013 Sara Daisy forced herself to try something creative. Born into a family of readers, Sara tried writing,


Sara Daisy has been writing since childhood when her mother bought a lined notebook for her. Sara used to write stories in that notebook. The writing hobby became the spark that ignited her writing career. 

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