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A research scientist who applies theory in practice and does ...

Poughkeepsie - New York

Salma Rodriguez


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6 years ago

My Response to Lisa was Too Long, So Publishing as Honey!

So I started writing my response, but exceeded the 2000 character limit. Oh, well. Time to write my second honey production of the day, starring your's truly, Samung, a.k.a., Salma? · ----------- · (Response to Lisa Gallagher's latest: ...

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Salma Rodriguez

6 years ago

In God Alone We Trust

I once was told that He comes · Not now, but every then and now. · Every now He'd touch the Seed, · pleading, · For a new Universe to spawn, from Nothing? · It was made for you, but no. · I once was told that the creation, · Although not always the same, · But this very specific ...

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Salma Rodriguez

6 years ago

Birthday Secrets: Revealed on Salma's Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I was born on a faithful XIII of November, CMXC, and now with Jupiter being positioned on my star sign of Scorpio, I am feeling lucky! · My life path number XXV is significant, but there is another number LX which is revealed, when you sum the digits, by my ...

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Salma Rodriguez

6 years ago


The Artist and the AntiChrist

Tapping on the fallen limbs, · They sit, their faces smeared. · Fallen is the beast that swears · The beast that aims to dye. · Dyed in chrome, beginnings end. · Her name is Kristen san. · Blue she paints the crimson tears, · In Spirit Green, the night. · Tabernacle of talents, · ...

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Salma Rodriguez

6 years ago

The Poet and the Punished

Salomei was the last human to live her life in perfect harmony, what the Jews call shalom, what the Chinese call the Dao, what the Hindi call saamanjasy or what you may call peace. Her purpose was to--- · Thought is interrupted by a caller. "Hello?" answers the poet. · He felt to ...

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Salma Rodriguez

6 years ago

My Spiritual Journey

For many years, I have been searching. For what? Not for fairies, spirits of the forest · or angels. Not witches. I was searching for life path numbers and their meaning. · What is Your Life Path Number? · Recently, I learned that, superficially, I am life path 25. Continuing my ...

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Salma Rodriguez

7 years ago

Fibonacci Variations on a Theme of Papiliones, Opus I

I am currently migrating my artwork to BeBee, in an effort to transform my life into one of professionalism and sensibility, elaborately · intertwined in the fabric of reality. View the original poem here: · · This is the first poem in an ouvre consistin ...

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Salma Rodriguez

7 years ago

The Tempest and the Rye

I am not alone, so long as you and I together cast · Our mighty thoughts onto a world · So vastly cover by a stew unmade. · I love you not, for love is in our thoughts. · With the propensity of overcasting · Slaught and draught, beginnings ending rather soon, · Thou, mechanizing ...

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Salma Rodriguez

7 years ago

The Arabesque for my Sweet Margaret

The secret's well enclosed in arabesque. · These towers made of clay forever let · Recapulate the times I've found a desk · To wrap the dream of my sweet Margaret. · "Oh, please don't go. 'Tis no romance, you see?" · A ferris wheel of mem'ries mine and thine, · Enlaced in mem'rie ...

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Salma Rodriguez

8 years ago

Blank Verse Poem for the Bee

Hello there, little bee, so kind and sweet. · The world is in our hands! Oh, can't you see? · The meager taste of Prussian candy cane · Around thy little nose would be distilled, · Within the premises of Otto and his gale, destroyed, · And lighting over sea, a brave new world, · ...

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