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Roslyn Gannis

Grants, Cibola

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About me:

Hello!  My name is Roslyn and I am an outdoor enthusiast both in and out of the office.  While working, I offer trip itineraries to visitors based on their time constraints and self-evaluations while encouraging they explore what's around them…and once I'm out of the office I go for a hike or a run around the places I didn't suggest.  Regardless of where I am, puns aren't far behind.


I have earned a Bachelor of Science degreen in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Research Management from West Virginia University.  I graduated in December 2014.


Most recently, I have been working for the National Park Service at El Malpais National Monument as a park guide and social media coordinator.  Prior to the permanent position, I was a seasonal park guide for both the US Forest Service and National Park Service, where my job was to promote and present informational programs, offer orientation to attractions in the area, and suggest hike itineraries that fit the visitors' interests and abilities.  In the “off-season” I worked as a front desk associate and belay instructor at an indoor climbing gym.  Part of my ongoing role while there was to greet new and returning members, scheduling events and making reservations for classes, managing a point-of-sale system, and facilitating risk awareness of everyone in the facility.  

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