Ray Christian-Dickens

North Carolina (historical), Lauderdale

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

My name is Ray Christian-Dickens and I am a black, twenty-three year old recent graduate of Appalachian State University. I graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Cross Media Expression Studies as well a double minor in Philosophy and Creative Writing. I self-designed my degree with the goal of developing a critical and functional understanding of different literary mediums. 


  • Creative Writing - Fiction
  • Creative Writing - Non-Fiction
  • Screenwriting
  • Play writing 
  • Philosophy of Art


What’s Ray Saying Podcast-  PR Manager

September 2020 - Present 

  • Writing podcast show notes with scholarly supplementary material
  • Posting regularly on social media
  • Conceptualizing and editing promotional video material
  • Managing fundraising through Patreon


For the People Academy- Outreach Manager 

February 2021 - May 2021

  • Posted regularly on social media
  • Identified and contacted prospective clients and partners
  • Coordinated promotional partnerships
  • Wrote press releases and promotional materials


Studio K, Boone, NC— Assistant Coach 

August 2013- May 2017 

● Assisted in teaching ballet, jazz and modern technique to kids ages 6-14. 

● Managed kids at 10 competitions 

● Substituted for the main coach for several classes 

● Assisted with props, costumes and makeup 

● Assisted with choreography 

Mast General Store, Boone, NC— Sales Associate 

October 2015 - September 2020

● Acted as senior-most department employee for two years 


Scarlett Leaf Publishing- November 2019- “Positions of Power” 

Risk! Podcast: Trial by Fire- May 24 2021 (Originally Performed February 19th 2021)- “The Diva Cup Disaster” 


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