Natalie Krivas

Valparaiso, Township of Center, Porter

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About me:

I am a seasoned educator and business leader with a passion for equitable practice. Informed by critical and humane pedagogies, my work focuses on curricular design and teacher training that bridges systems and critical thinking with compassion and creativity in service of equity and justice for all species. I problem solve through listening, dialogue, critical self-reflection, and action.

Vice Chair, Opportunity Enterprises Board of Directors | 2020 OE Volunteer of the Year | 2019 Presenter, Courage Summit | 2019 NWIIWA Upcoming Influential Business Leader | Published Work in Education


My doctoral work represents a collection of experience within the system of education, leveraged by years of study, passion, and practice in the realm of equitable and just education. I am eight months from completion of a PhD in Managing Organizational Systems, specializing in curricular design, pedagogy, and praxis.


A teacher of more than 10 years, I been inspired and influenced by thousands of students. Through instruction, facilitation, pedagogical design and support, and mentorship, I have had the privilege of witnessing many of my students and colleagues transform their apathy into engagement and invigoration for learning and teaching. Developing curricula that are culturally responsive and encompass the environmental-animal-societal paradigm has made for increased student engagement, and has enabled students who want to approach the world's most complex issues to develop creative solutions through critical and systems thinking. My primary experience in schooling is within the K-12 sector and post-secondary. My practice blends the learning theories of Dewey's experiential approach to learning hands-on, Krashen's i+1 and Gestalt theory (bridging past knowledge with novel concepts), and Freire's and Weil's pedagogical theories of social critical and solutionary praxis. I center my practice on equitable differentiated values, with a high emphasis on engaging students in their communities, bridging the classroom experience to the real world. 

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