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About me:

A software development engineer, practitioner, and enthusiast, Lisa Thyron is the CTO of WebFox  , an event facilitating platform that enables the organizers to not only organize a dynamically interactive event but also facilitates easy networking among the attendees. WebFox aims to be a one stop solution for all types of events by transforming them into happening hubs.

As a CTO, Lisa has notable experience in I.T industry and is now responsible for the development of the web as well as mobile platform for WebFox



• Mobile Applications Development  

• iOS App Development

• Android App Development

• React Native App Development

• Ionic App Development

• Flutter App Development



• Cross-platform App Development

• Website Design and Development

• FullStack JS Development

• eCommerce Web Development

• Magento Web Development

• WordPress Web Development

• IOT Automation App Development

• BlockChain App Development

• AR/VR App Development

• AI/ML App Development


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