Kyle Schneider

Kyle Schneider

Mequon, City of Mequon, Ozaukee

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About me:

I am currently one semester from graduating from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, with additional study of statistical computing and data analysis. I am a goal-oriented, efficient individual with strong mathematical and logical reasoning skills. I often find myself discovering new ways to solve problems and work more efficiently.


Detailed study of Micro and Macroeconomics, as well as using cost/benefit analysis for a business or individual’s decision making

Understanding of the applications of game theory in a competitive environment, knowledge of different strategies for various situations

Practice using both linear and non-linear regression modeling for determining expected outcomes

Strong understanding of multiple variance and significance tests as well as the application of their results


My current priority is expanding on my existing knowledge with an internship anbd/or real-world business experience; I have not yet had professional level experience in my field.

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