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King Midas Empire is an online shopping store for barber Items and Accessories like barber capes, apparel, barber aprons, barber jackets, station mats, shaving gel, and more at affordable prices. For more detail contact us at  212-287-4071.


King Midas Empire is an online hairdressing product store where you can find the world's top-class barber accessories and apparel at competitive prices. Browse a wide collection of custom barber jackets, aprons, jackets, vests, and more. Our products are made with top-quality fabric material and we include top features that protect you and your client from unwanted materials.


King Midas is an online store for hairdressers founded in 2015 by Barber Joe Vargas. Here you can find quality products like a cape, aprons, vests, jacket design, and more based on the opinions and experiences of the culture.

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