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About me:

As a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) sales director, passionate about developing sales organizations and sales teams to the next level, I’ve been helping companies generate profitable revenue growth by growing their sales to new customers and existing accounts, all while striving for operational excellence.

After completing my higher education in business school (MBA degree with international business and marketing management specializations), I built my business and managerial career by working for several competitive and innovative companies, from early-stage startup to large multinational enterprises, within dynamic and challenging industries like software, telecom, Internet and consumer packaged goods (CPG/FMCG).

From B2B and B2C sales to sales & marketing management, including business development/partnerships and global/key account management, my diverse experiences enabled me to develop solid competencies in areas such as market research, competitive analysis, sales & marketing auditing, strategic/tactical sales & marketing planning, budget/P&L management, inside/outside sales, inbound/outbound marketing, sales operations, sales enablement, sales pipeline management, sales territory management, employee training/development, performance management, etc.

Leadership, entrepreneurship, relationship building, teamwork, challenge-driven and growth mindset are also some of the qualities that enable me to carry out my different assignments and responsibilities.

Some of my accomplishments and achievements include:

► Nearly doubling revenues and generating record-breaking revenues.
► Consistently exceeding objectives and key results (OKRs) and key performance indicators (KPIs).
► Boosting top-line and bottom-line growth across small to large companies.
► Successfully developing and penetrating markets around the world.
► Driving strong growth in B2B and B2C customer acquisition and customer retention.
► Effectively turning around failing and stagnant sales organizations.
► Winning multiple sales awards such as President’s Club, Pinnacle Club, etc.

I’m open to new opportunities. Please feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any help.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) | The University of Memphis | Memphis, TN, USA

► Specializations: International Business & Marketing Management

► Graduated top 1% of class

► Overall GPA: 3.85/4.0

► Awarded merit-based full scholarship

► AACSB-Accredited (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) | Lewis-Clark State College | Lewiston, ID, USA

► Major & Minor: International Business & Spanish

► Graduated with honors

► Overall GPA: 3.5/4.0

► Recognized on President's List and Dean's List

► IACBE-Accredited (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) | Lewis-Clark State College | Lewiston, ID, USA

► Major: Management

► Graduated with honors

► Overall GPA: 3.5/4.0

► Recognized on President's List and Dean's List

► IACBE-Accredited (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education)


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification | Google Digital Garage | 2021

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Certification | Google Skillshop | 2021

Advanced Google Analytics Certificate | Google Analytics Academy | 2021

Google Analytics for Power Users Certificate | Google Analytics Academy | 2021

Google Ads - Measurement Certification | Google Skillshop | 2021

Google Ads Search Certification | Google Skillshop | 2021

Google Ads Display Certification | Google Skillshop | 2021

Google Ads Apps Certification | Google Skillshop | 2021

Google Ads Video Certification | Google Skillshop | 2021

Google Shopping Ads Certification | Google Skillshop | 2021

Digital Marketing Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

SEO Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

Digital Advertising Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

Email Marketing Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

Content Marketing Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

Social Media Marketing Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

Inbound Marketing Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

Inbound Sales Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

Frictionless Sales Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

Sales Management Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

Sales Enablement Certification | HubSpot Academy | 2021

Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals Certification | SEMrush Academy | 2021

Keyword Research Certification | SEMrush Academy | 2021

Backlink Management Certification | SEMrush Academy | 2021

Local SEO Certification | SEMrush Academy | 2021

Mobile SEO Certification | SEMrush Academy | 2021


Sales Director, SaaS Solutions | 2015

Adworkz, Inc.Seattle, WA, USA

Adworkz, Inc. is a SaaS startup specialized in the development and commercialization of cloud-based mobile applications, Web applications and databases for the automotive retail industry, enabling its customers to optimize their sales of personalized products and services, their operational processes, their customer experiences and their operating margins.

With the aim of driving its business growth, I helped this early-stage software startup generate its annual recurring revenue (average monthly revenue growth rate of 14%) by carrying out its market research, defining its B2B sales strategy focused on new SMB and SME/mid-market client acquisition, implementing its multi-channel sales plan and tactics, and overseeing its budget and sales performance management.

In order to develop its portfolio of new customers (e.g., automotive dealerships, franchises and subsidiaries) in the targeted Pacific Northwest and Southwest regions, I helped establish its customer acquisition strategy and campaigns across digital and traditional channels, in close collaboration with the digital marketing & communications manager, develop its inbound and outbound lead generation (grew monthly qualified lead volume by 3.5x) and optimize its sales pipeline (increased average lead conversion rate by 2x).

In terms of maximizing its competitive advantage and sales performance, I helped create and differentiate its service offerings, determine its SaaS pricing strategy and model, set up its inside & outside sales organization and build its sales enablement/development engine (e.g., CRM, processes, content) from the ground up.

I also contributed to the creation of its partner program with digital marketing agencies and its participation in expos and trade shows in order to develop its customer base, its professional network and its brand image.

Area Sales & Operations Leader | 2014 - 2015

Schwan's Company | Everett, WA, USA

Schwan's Company is a leading multibillion-dollar manufacturer, distributor and marketer of over 350 branded frozen food products with more than 12,000 employees, 16 production facilities and 450 sales & distribution centers serving home-delivery, retail, grocery and food-service channels across the United States.

After conducting the sales and operational audit of an underperforming profit center covering the Seattle/Greater Seattle area, I helped develop and implement its sales & operations turnaround plan to improve its sales (average order value growth of 32%), revenue (122% of target achieved) and operating margin (19% increase).

In order to grow its B2C customer base (new customer growth rate of 12%) and its market penetration across the region, I helped assess its sales performance and market potential, optimize its sales territory management, establish its corrective sales action plan, from sales prospecting to customer follow-up, and coach its outside sales team members in the field.

From recruiting to managing, including training and developing employees, I helped re-engage its demotivated sales & logistics/distribution team members (18 employees) and decrease its employee turnover rate by 39%, all while enhancing its key performance levers (e.g. processes, methods, techniques and tools) and improving its budget and financial management (e.g., forecasting, budgeting and cost control).

I also contributed to the improvement of its customer retention (reduced customer attrition rate to 9%) by strengthening its customer satisfaction (average CSAT score of 90%) and its customer loyalty programs and campaigns (e.g., rewards, personalized offers and discounts) across online and offline channels.

Business Development Director, Global Accounts | 2012 - 2013 | Seattle, WA, USA, a leading online marketplace for luxury real estate, is at the heart of its clients' digital transformation and offers digital and multichannel marketing solutions for luxury real estate companies and developers.

Seeking to expand internationally, I rejoined the virtual marketplace again to grow from scratch its international revenue (134% of target reached) and margin (23% increase).

As part of its international business development, I conducted its market research and competitive analysis, determined its sales and STP marketing approach (i.e., segmentation, targeting and positioning), established its business development plan and tactics focused on new account and partnership acquisition, and oversaw its international business performance management (e.g., targets, KPIs, controlling, monitoring, etc.).

To grow its portfolio of international accounts (154+ new renowned clients) and business partners (6 new digital publishing partners) in targeted foreign markets (expansion into 25 new countries), I helped develop its inbound and outbound lead generation, establish its online and offline B2B customer acquisition strategy and plan, enhance its sales enablement/development engine (boosted conversion rate by 21%), automate its marketing campaigns, optimize its sales pipeline, differentiate its service offerings (i.e., USP, pricing strategy, benefits, etc.) and create its partner program from the ground up.

While entrusted with developing both its internal relations (e.g., Technical Service, Marketing and Finance) and external relations (e.g., clients, service providers and partners), I also helped convert its qualified prospects into new customers (i.e., full B2B sales cycle process) and organize its virtual and physical events (e.g., webinars and international conferences) in order to grow its customer base, professional network and brand image.

Regional Sales & Marketing Director | 2010 - 2012

Broadstripe, LLC (WaveDivisionHoldings, LLC) | Seattle, WA, USA

Broadstripe, LLC (WaveDivisionHoldings, LLC) is a telecom provider of internet, phone and TV services to residential and business customers across the West, Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States.

In an effort to address the sharp decline in its total B2C and B2B subscriber base in the Pacific Northwest region (Washington, Oregon and Idaho), I helped create and execute its sales & marketing turnaround plan focused on residential and business customer acquisition and retention to revitalize its revenue (179% of target achieved) and operating margin (EBIT margin of 27%).

From assessing its market (i.e., customer needs, market potential, competitive analysis, etc.) to establishing its corrective sales & marketing action plan and tactics (from multi-channel prospecting to after-sales service), including redefining its service offerings (i.e., pricing, packaging, options, etc.) and revamping its external/internal marketing communication programs and tools (from flyers to television advertisements), I helped reposition its brand, improve its visibility and strengthen its competitive advantage in its market.

In order to drive its business growth, I helped increase its residential/business customer acquisition and retention (market penetration rate of 60%+ and overall churn rate of 3.5%) by optimizing its sales pipeline through sales & marketing alignment, maximizing its cross-channel marketing & communication campaigns (e.g., lead generation, lead nurturing, win-back and upselling), improving its customer management (average CSAT score of 90%), structuring and developing its inside/outside sales & marketing operations team (75+ employees) and reinforcing its budget and sales performance management (from budget planning to monthly reporting reviews).

Global Account Manager | 2008 - 2010 | Seattle, WA, USA, an online marketplace for luxury real estate, is at the heart of its clients' digital transformation and offers digital and multichannel marketing solutions for luxury real estate companies and developers.

To kick start the growth phase (scale-up) of this vertical e-marketplace, my primary objective was to help grow the revenue (138% of target realized) and margin (20% increase) generated by its international customer portfolio (147+ global accounts).

With the aim of retaining its existing global accounts (81 renowned clients) present in 64 countries and renewing its annual contracts (customer retention/renewal rate of over 97%), I helped carry out its market research and competitive analysis (e.g., industry analysis, market sizing, competitive positioning), its detailed account maps (e.g., org charts, decision makers, buying processes) and its dynamic account plans (e.g., clients' objectives, potential solutions, proposed actions, potential risks, revenue opportunities) to ensure long-lasting customer relationships/partnerships, personalized solutions, high-performance results and optimal client utilization.

In regards to growing its international account portfolio, I helped analyze the sales performance of its current global accounts (i.e., sales growth, opportunities, product performance, average purchase value, etc.) and establish, in close collaboration with the marketing & communications team, its B2B sales and account-based marketing strategies and tactics (e.g., targeted offers, personalized content, retargeting, upselling, cross-selling), all while winning 66 new global customers (full sales cycle from prospecting to closing new accounts) and driving its international market penetration and expansion into 27 new countries.

Acting Director of Global Services | 2009 - 2010 | Seattle, WA, USA

In addition to my main role as Global Account Manager (GAM), I also held the position of Acting Director of Global Services in order to strengthen internal and external relationships, champion the development of offerings, optimize the use of solutions and manage remote assistance/technical support for the company's global account customers.

Senior Sales & Operations Manager | 2002 - 2008

Sprint Corporation (T-Mobile USA, Inc.) | Seattle, WA, USA

Sprint Corporation (T-Mobile USA, Inc.) is a major multibillion-dollar wireless telecom carrier with more than 30,000 employees and over 55 million subscribers across consumer, business, government and reseller segments in the United States.

Having held various positions in this company over the years, ranging from lead sales consultant to senior sales & operations manager, I actively contributed to the sales and operational development and management of 3 of its profit centers located in the Seattle/Greater Seattle area.

In order to grow the revenues (up to 180% of target achieved per site) and profitability (increased EBIT margin by 13%) of its profit centers, I helped implement its corporate/business strategies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) among its multisite sales & operations teams (up to 25 employees per site), establish its targeted inbound and outbound sales & marketing initiatives driving market share gains across the area, expand its B2C customer base (customer growth rate of 30%) and portfolio of B2B customers (ranging from regional small businesses to Fortune 500 companies), develop its sales across sales territories (increased ARPU by 26%) and retain its subscriber base (churn rate of 2.6% and average CSAT score of 95%).

From recruiting to retaining employees and leading multidisciplinary teams (e.g., inside & outside sales, customer service, technical support), I helped build and structure its sales & service operations organizations, develop its employees' skills and capabilities through training and coaching, strengthen its efficiency and results via repeatable best practices and activities, and leverage individual engagement and collective participation to create a high-performance culture.

I also organized promotional events and participated in trade shows/expos to drive incremental sales and increase its brand awareness and visibility.

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