From a very young age I have helped people to become more. Standing as a wall between bullies & their victims at school, helping people through encouraging words in the community, & changing the mindset of leaders of Fortune 50 companies. We each hold a vast potential. Let me help you become yours!



  • MBA (In progress)

    at Saylor University

    2014 - at Present (4 years)

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner

    at American University of NLP

    2012 - 2012 (1 year)

  • Master Hypnotist

    at American University of NLP

    2011 - 2012 (1 year)

  • Master Life Coach

    at American University of NLP

    2011 - 2012 (1 year)

Services offered

  • Hypnosis, Clinical

    Here are a few of the key transformations which can be made by Dr. Lewellen using clinical hypnosis:
    Increase Sales
    Open Up Creativity
    Boost Confidence Levels
    Manage Anger and other Emotions
    Intense Focus
    Heighten Motivation
    Remove limiting beliefs
    Remove physical and emotional pain

  • Executive Coaching

    I offer "Cognitive Transformation for Executives" to the VP level and above. This process allows executives to become like the leaders, mentors, and models they look up to and want to be like! In only four to five hours an executive can possess the qualities, characteristics, and attitudes of the best-of-the-best leaders in the world!

    Make better decisions more quickly
    Learn at an accelerated rate
    Possess mental clarity and sharpness
    Have more mental and physical energy
    Have better overall health
    Lead with vision, confidence, and boldness so that your executives are the kind of leaders people want to follow!

    Cognitive Transformation for Executives is the "X-Factor" for creating the type of organization you want; whether it's creating a better culture, increasing employee engagement and customer satisfaction, increasing sales or innovation and creativity, etc. If the mind can imagine it, Dr. Lewellen can make it happen!

  • Mental Malware Removal

    Have you ever had employees who aren't performing well, are frustrating to work with, and aren't engaging well with their peers or others in the organization?

    From front-line employees to the Boardroom, Transformative Thinking and Dr. Edward Lewellen can help the people in your organization transform, change, and reinvent!

    Imagine your people's minds being like computers that are running on outdated software. Along with outdated software come the potential for malware and viruses. If you've ever used a computer whose software was outdated and it was corrupted with malware and viruses, then you know they don't perform well, are frustrating to work with, and the programs don't work well together.

    Transformative Thinking can change all of that! Quickly. Easily. Effectively. As a Mental Malware Removal Expert, Dr. Lewellen uses a combination of methods to create Neuropathological Remodeling, removing all the "stuff" we gather through life that keeps us from being all we have the potential to become and then "updating" the mental "software" to release their true personal power and potential.

    Here are a few of the key transformations which can be made:
    Increase Sales
    Open Up Creativity
    Boost Confidence Levels
    Manage Anger and other Emotions
    Intense Focus
    Heighten Motivation
    Remove limiting beliefs
    Remove physical and emotional pain

  • Presenter/Speaker

    If you desire to motivate your people to top-performance, then Dr. Lewellen is the speaker you want at your next corporate event! Dr. Lewellen is motivating, inspiring, educational, and entertaining! Each of his topics bring a depth of understanding and entertainment to each attendee that sustainable and measurable performance is realized. Why spend money on a speaker who has no lasting result? That's why you want. Dr. Lewellen at YOUR next event!

    The Neuro-Science of Leadership - You will learn:
    • How to communicate faster and more efficiently
    • Getting high-performance results from your people
    • Motivation that actually motivates
    • How to increase performance-related outcomes by 240%

    The Neuro-Science of Sales - You will learn:
    • Making fear of rejection a thing in your past
    • Why you may have lost the sale before you even said a word
    • Words and phrases that help your client to make the right decision...and it may be to NOT buy from you!
    • Helping the buyers create a strategy that makes it feel good to buy from you!

    Making Change in an Apple Pay World - You will learn:
    • The 6 most expensive words in business
    • Change is not an option
    • Learning how to adapt to change as a leader
    • Effectively leading your people through change

    Collaborative Conflict - You will learn:
    • The 5 myths of conflict resolution
    • 14 potential sources of conflict
    • 4 key conflict resolution skills and Emotional Intelligence
    • Tips for easily managing and resolving conflict

    Manager vs. Leader - You will learn:
    • Definitions and interpretations
    • 7 Areas: How being a manager negatively impacts the bottom-line
    • Types of employees
    • Leaders go first

    Your Point of Personal Power - You will learn:
    • Understanding choices - Stimulus and Response
    • The world’s greatest energy conservationist - the human mind
    • Improving your choices in life
    • Discovering who you are instills personal power
    • Why 90-seconds is important
    • How to turn 90-seconds into personal power


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