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New York City, New York

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We help pets live happier, longer lives. Petsmile is the first and only Veterinary Oral Health Council accepted toothpaste with Calprox. Petsmile's proprietary formula, Calprox, is clinically proven to stop plaque and tartar buildup by gently dissolving the protein pellicle. The protein pellicle is a thin layer that forms on the surface of your pet's teeth, to which plaque, bacteria, and stains adhere. Removing the pellicle leaves your pet’s teeth whiter and cleaner, while improving gum health, and giving kissable fresh breath.

When Supersmile’s founder Dr. Irwin Smigel the "Father of Aesthetic Dentistry" decided to launch Petsmile his idea was simple: cats and dogs need healthy teeth and gums, just like people.





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