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Web design trends. High fashion that's right for your website or app

Design trends are always something very bold, and sometimes even daring. Every business wants to make its website clear and user-friendly, which is why company owners are often afraid to experiment. In this article, we will show design trends that will not scare away the audience with their boldness, but will add a zest to your site.


Minimalism and empty space.Minimalism has been trending for several years and is not going to slow down. Users are tired of overloaded with pictures and texts sites, and minimalist design relaxes and allows you to focus on the main thing.On our site you can view and buy app ratings android for promotion you app.

Dark Mode.Statistics show that more and more users are choosing "dark mode" in their browser, YouTube, email, and app settings. Why not follow this trend and create a site with a dark aesthetic, especially since such interfaces are perfectly complemented by bright colored accents.

Rebellious typography.If the eye is bored with the standard fonts, you can experiment and put accents with odd intervals, large sizes and gaps. The main thing is to make sure the user understands what you want to say.

Art illustrations and collages.Stock images and even professional business photo shoots look standard and uninteresting, but artistic illustrations look fresh and authentic. Photoshop-drawn characters or collages add uniqueness and attention to your site.

3D elements.Three-dimensionality adds depth and a sense of realism to your images. You can add 3D figures to the background, use them as text decoration, and even present your own products. You can learn more wikipedia.org

Non-standard arrangement of blocks.The standard grid for blocks in design, when each element is clearly aligned to the ruler, looks boring and uninteresting. Trends 2020 encourages you to experiment - try overlapping layers, superimposing text over images, and icons over UI elements. Make your site livelier.

Gradient.A few years ago monotone gradients were popular, but now gaining momentum contrasting gradients, which burst brightly into the gray of everyday life. This technique can be used as a background site, a filter for images, emphasis titles, as well as on banners.

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