Alexandra Silver

Hartford, Town of Hartford, Hartford

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Content controls and cultivates creativity; I want to bring educational, developmental and cognitive psychological perspective into spaces that control content. The range of my research and work experience has refined how I fluidly adapt to roles between student/teacher, audience/producer and user/creator. Questions are key to collaborative, dynamic progress; I take pride in asking ones that generate creative momentum.


Teachers College, Columbia University

Masters of Education, Cognitive Sciences

Winter 2020-present

Obtaining Master's degree in Cognitive Development and Educational Psychology, combining focused specialties in learning analytics, children's media and cognition of creativity


For years I had been teaching in early childhood classrooms, designing lesson plans and implementing philosophies of teaching from my undergraduate education in Psychology and Education. I began to develop an interest in analytics and marketing, specifically in children's media and regarding topics/tools of education; over quarantine I spent time freelancing as a moderator for In-Sites Consulting, a firm where I grew my role to providing teams with organized, in-depth analysis on data I would collect. Combining these skills with my graduate-experience integrating research to application, I am a strong candidate for user experience research across domains adaptively. I'm excited grow my analytic skills in a space that challenges me as I contribute ideas from the considerable, unique experience I offer.

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